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    What is car finance?

    The product we use is called Hire Purchase ('HP'). It is one of the most popular ways of financing cars as you pay off the balance in monthly instalments at a fixed rate of interest. The credit is secured against the car being purchased and you will own the vehicle once all monthly payments and an Option to Purchase fee has been paid in full.

    The car belongs to the finance company until you pay your final payment. If you don't keep up your repayments your car will be at risk of being repossessed. HP is not suitable if you are planning to pay off your loan within a short period of time.

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    Checklist for Bad Credit Car Finance.

    • Are you looking for car finance but have credit problems? Been declined in the past?
    • We can help with the following :
    •  Same day acceptance available
    •  Defaults?
    •  Arrears?
    •  Previous/ Ex bankrupt?
    •  CCJ's?
    •  Missed payments?
    •  Military Personnel?
    •  Self Employed?
    •  Little or No Finance History?
    •  Benefits

    If any of these apply to you and you are looking for a used car loan, apply today!

    Can you answer YES to the following?:

    •  I am over 18 years old
    •  I have been a UK resident for 2 years or more
    •  I have a full / provisional UK or EU licence
    •  I can prove my income

    If the answer is ''Yes' then call Swale Car Shop today or apply online to start your used car finance application!


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